Welcome to Elemecs Wedding Castle
Welcome to Elemecs Wedding Castle
Welcome to Elemecs Wedding Castle
Ladies Wear
Art silk
A gorgeous display of Tusser silk, Tissue silk, Butter silk, Kandha works, Printed silk, Bandini silk, Vyduri silk, Valkalam silk, Jamadani silk, Toffota silk, Pashmina silk, Diamond silk, Apoorva sarees, Fancy designer sarees etc. is arrayed in the North-West part of the shopping mall’s first floor. These dazzling sarees, with a variety of design and work, range from Rs. 250. The display of Art silk collection adds to the splendour of silk-collection in Elemecs.
Cotton Sarees
The South-West side of shopping mall’s first floor is dedicated to an enchanting collection of cotton sarees. This collection includes Printed cotton, Bengal cotton, Handloom cotton, Poly cotton, Oriya cotton, Silky cotton, Aiet cotton, Cora cotton, Pochampally cotton, Kanchi cotton, Venkatagiri cooton, Kitchen cotton, Gadwal cotton, Daka cotton, Fancy cotton, Pavithra cotton, Chinalampatty, Lucknow cotton etc. Cotton sarees and Shiffon sarees range from Rs. 95 onwards.
South-west part of shopping mall’s first floor is adorned with a stunning array of designer sarees & silk sarees including Printed silk, Rose silk, Crape silk, Kanchi silk, Mulbari silk, Jamyvar, Summer, Khadhi, Crape work, Jaliwork, Crape printed, Khandha work, Jwall work, Bhanthins, Rupini, Dupion, Binny Kashmeer silk, Gadwat, Jutte silk, Jamthani silk, Pochampally, Tusser, Cotton, Silk, Obania etc. The cost of sarees begins from Rs. 1000.
The glorious Kanchipuram sarees are displayed at the North-west part of shopping mall’s first floor. This fabulous collection comprises of Samudrika Bridal cloth, Kancheepuram Bridal collection, Samudrika, Banaras designer saree etc. Wear and see-convenience is arranged for brides herein. The prices range from Rs. 3000.
A large display of single & double Dhothi,, Set Dothi, Kerala Saree From Leading Brands Like Ramraj, Balaramapuram & M C R is found on North-East part of Shopping Mall 1st floor. Blouse pieces & lining, mullmul of all shades and types are also available on 1st Floor.
Welcome to Elemecs Wedding Castle